How to Go About Getting & Maintaining Clear & Healthy Skin Naturally


A lot of skin care products have the natural label on them but are the components really pure and natural? Some of the tactics employed by companies include slapping great big text on the package labeling it as “all natural,” “100% natural,” “100% natural aloe vera juice,” or “100% essence of natural unicorn milk” – you get what I mean.

Top recommended organic products for getting and maintaining healthy skin naturally

The text serves to distract. There might be one or two natural components in the product but what about the rest of the components? Since, it’s possible for your skin to absorb up to 60% of anything you put on it, you probably want to sit up and start paying serious attention.

4 Tips for Getting and Maintaining Healthy Skin

  1. Choose products with an easy to understand ingredient listing. Find out more about what different ingredients mean at the comprehensive database from Environmental Working Group.
  2. Choose products with “certified organic” ingredients.
  3. Opt out of products from companies that do animal testing.
  4. Keep track of the order of ingredient listing on the label. The lower down an ingredient is on a list, the less the amount of it in the product.

11 Top Recommended Organic Skin Care Brands

1. Logona Cosmetics

This brand originates from Germany and has been in business since 1987. You can purchase this in Organic Foods & Café. I like the Regenerating Night Cream and the repair shampoo. You can also order online HERE.

2. Bentley Organic

A British band with a passion for organic products. You can purchase this brand at Organic Foods & Café as well or online HERE. In addition to skin care products, they also produce hair care products. 

3. Dessert Essence

In business since 1987 and a popular US brand. This brand is available at Organic Foods Café as well as at popular pharmacies. You can also order their wide range of products online HERE. My personal favourites are Daily Essential Jojoba/Aloe Moisturizer and Castile Soap.

4. Terressentials Organic

A small business with a team dedicated to crafting quality organic products. Unfortunately, this isn’t available in Dubai but you can order it on ebay or through their website as they offer international shipping. You can also have it sent through your forwarding address in US if you have one.


Amala products contain the most potent organic and wild-crafted ingredients available. Their products don’t contain preservatives and come in a wide range from the Soothing Cream Cleanser to the Rejuvenating Collagen Mask and much more. See the complete range HERE.

6. Acure Organics

I love the argan oil from this range. Family owned and operated, Acure Organics is produced from certified organic  ingredients and is free of parabens, sulphates, phthalates and other unnatural ingredients. Their facial oils are especially potent for skin care. See the full range HERE.

7. Rosemira

Rosemira was founded bu Mira Herman who takes great pleasure in sourcing for the absolute best ingredients to create her range of organic and potent products. See the full organic range HERE.

8. 100% Pure 

Free from artificial and other known toxic ingredients, the 100% pure brand contains only the best ingredients sourced from plants and fruits Their luminous primer is excellent for oily skin. See the full range HERE.

9. Suki Skincare

The Suki Skincare line is gentle and effective and free of allergens, parabens, sulphates and other synthetic ingredients. Their facial oils are rich and excellent for all skin types. See the full range HERE.

10. Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty is a very popular organic skin care range. They engage juice blends, vitamins and organic fruit acids in creating all their products, which is free of allergens, pesticides, parabens and other synthetic ingredients. See the full range HERE.

11. Eminence Organic Skincare

The Eminence line was launched in Hungary in 1958. The line engages sustainable farming to produce the ingredients for their award winning products. My favourite from the line is the calendula oil. See the full range HERE.

This isn’t an exhaustive list and there are many other natural and organic skin care products on the market. I will be updating the list as I conduct more research. You can also DIY your own skin care products. We will be covering this in future articles in the DIY section.

Let us know about your natural and/or organic skin care favourites in the comments section.

Main Photo by Dc Lovensky

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