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Naturalistas in Dubai is a lifestyle website for women with interest in caring for their hair, skin, health and fitness the natural and organic way; women passionate about living their best life the natural and healthy way without taking the fun out of it.
baking soda for microdermabrasion

Treat Acne Scars with this Ingredient from Your Kitchen

DIY Acne Scars Treatment Do you have a bit of acne scarring you’ve been trying to get rid of for ages? Or fancy an expensive treatment to deal with the...

How to Go About Getting & Maintaining Clear & Healthy Skin Naturally

A lot of skin care products have the natural label on them but are the components really pure and natural? Some of the tactics employed by companies include slapping...
4 Ways to Deal with Hair Loss from Water in Dubai

4 Ways to Deal with Hair Loss from Water in Dubai

If you’ve recently moved to Dubai and started experiencing inexplicable hair loss, below might be the reason why, especially if your hair was fine before you moved to UAE. When...