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Naturalistas in Dubai is a lifestyle website for women with interest in caring for their hair, skin, health and fitness the natural and organic way; women passionate about living their best life the natural and healthy way without taking the fun out of it.
10 Ways to Eat Flaxseeds for Better Health

11 Ways to Eat Flaxseeds for Better Health

Flaxseeds have been consumed for health purposes for thousands of years before they became popular as a superfood. Flaxseeds aka common flax or linseeds was cultivated as early as...
9 Online Destinations to Buy Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Dubai

Organic Fruits and Vegetables on a Budget

Organic fruits and vegetables should be an integral part of a healthy diet but they can get expensive real fast especially if you have a large family. Shopping online...
Restaurant Review, Tub of Butter Dubai

Restaurant Review – Tub of Butter

I’ve been reading about Tub of Butter for some time but it’s location is a bit far away from me so I never got a chance to make it...
What can I do with my junk in Dubai

What Can I Do with My Junk in Dubai?

I started the new year with a good decluttering session, which usually means a bunch of things I don’t need anymore are gathered together in a corner by the...
Where to Buy Manuka Honey in Dubai

Where to Buy Manuka Honey in Dubai?

Manuka honey is manufactured from the nectar of the manuka tree, which can be found in Australia and New Zealand. Manuka honey is the mother of all honeys and is...
25% Off on All Mac Products Till October 7

25% Off on All Mac Products Till October 7!

Mac Cosmetics is one of my favourite make up stores along side Bobby Brown and Make Up Forever. I'm still trying out Fenty Beauty by Rihanna but I expect that...